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7ft home used  air hockey table
  • 7ft home used  air hockey table

7ft home used air hockey table

Item No.: GS-AT-5156
The smooth, low-friction playfield is perforated and fitted with a powerful 240v fan, which creates an air cushion for the puck to glide over. This means very high puck speeds and an exciting game!
序号 / No.   部件 / Component     说明 / Description
1 Table size 84"x48"x32"
3 Playing Field  3+12+3m/m MDF(E1) with PVC laminated 
4 Side rail 36m/m MDF(E1) with PVC laminated 
5 End rail 36m/m MDF(E1) with PVC  laminated 
6 Side apron  12m/m MDF(E1) with PVC laminated 
7 End apron  12m/m MDF(E1) with PVC laminated 
8 Leg panel  12m/m MDF(E1) with PVC
9 Legs  MDF(E1) with PVC 
10 Cross beam  12m/m MDF(E1)
11 Cross big beam  12m/m MDF(E1)
12 Leg Levelvers  5/16" environmental protection Plastic chorome-plated
13 Airflow system  UL and SGS recognized
14 Air fan  110V/240V, 
15 E-scorer  Plastic 
16 rail corner  MDF with PVC  laminated 
  side corner  Plastic 
18 handle scorer  Plastic 

Accessories : 4 pinks, 4 strickers

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